Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry - Taxidermy by Bill MacFarland

Hunting Videos

Welcome to the video section of my website. Hunting is my passion and obsession (some say addiction). I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman just like you and typically take my video camera on every hunt and adventure.  It is always my attempt to capture the events as they unfold, tell the story and video the kill. Capturing “The Hunt” on film is a great way for myself to relive the moment and others to enjoy and maybe even learn from. My videos are filmed and edited by myself. Stop by often to see my next adventure on video - hope you enjoy!

The Video (approx. 15 min.) you are about to watch contains archery and rifle hunts for:
- Intro
- Boone & Crockett Black Bear in Manitoba (bow)
- New Zealand Red Stag (bow)
- New Zealand Tahr (rifle)
- Florida gator (rifle) with my wife

Video Trailer (approx. 2 min.) for MacFarland Adventures

Pope and Young Utah Mountain Lion Hunt

Archery Black Bear Double on chocolate and blonde phase bears in Alberta, Canada

Taxidermy by Bill MacFarland – Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry, LLC.
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