Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry - Taxidermy by Bill MacFarland

Pre-Hunt Info

Proper Trophy Field Care Tips
Field Prep

Traveling/Shipping/Trophy Care

Skinning, preparation and shipping

Prior to your hunt...
Contact Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry, LLC. for your free, personalized shipping tags to take on your hunt. You will attach one tag to each skin, skull and set of horns. These tags have your info and shipping info to help ease and expedite getting your trophies to me. Also, good measurements and proper field care are crucial to any quality mount.

For Alaska hunters...
You should go to our link page and contact Alpha Fur. They are our tannery in Anchorage and will make arrangements with you on tanning and shipping trophies. 

For trophies coming from outside of the U.S. ...
They will be imported through Fauna and Flora, who will contact you directly once they receive them. You will pay them for their services and then they will expedite the trophies to us.  Fauna and Flora will also assist you with CITES and other import/export paperwork.

Once Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry receives your trophies...

Upon receiving your trophies I will do an inventory. I will then contact you to let you know that your trophies are at Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry and we can then discuss the type of mount you wish and finalize your order. Keep in mind during your hunt about what you would like to do with your trophies, as it certainly helps move things along and may decide how your guide capes your trophy.

From there, we will establish a price based on your specific mount....
A job form/standard agreement will be created and placed on file for every client. This needs be signed along with a 50% deposit of work to be completed. From there, I?will begin the mounting process and your 6-9 month turn around will begin!

Once your trophies are nearing completion...

I?will contact you regarding a final invoice for the remaining 50% balance on your order. In addition, we will discuss plans for shipping, pick-up or delivery service. Final payment is due upon release of trophy and must be received before shipping is scheduled.
If shipping or delivery is necessary, we can discuss the shipping/delivery method that you prefer and make arrangements.

Taxidermy by Bill MacFarland
Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry, LLC.
Limerick, PA