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Each piece I create is considered a custom work of art and is designed/created as such. Individual clients needs and preferences are unique and therefore projects are priced according to their requests or desires. Variables may include habitat materials, hardwood bases and/or extreme alterations. Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding possibilities, services and pricing. I am always searching to do something unique, fresh and never been done before!

Trophy rooms and environments involve too many variables and it is typically necessary to meet in person to review any such projects and discuss the many possibilities.

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Taxidermy by Bill MacFarland
Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry, LLC.
Limerick, PA

Through proper care, the best tannerys and materials, your trophies are quaranteed to be of the finest quality. However, that being said, I cannot guarantee "ANY" hides or specimens.
All tanning is done at owner’s risk, because of the many factors that may effect the final results of tanning (such as primeness, field care and preparation and overall condition of each specimen) I?assume no responsibility nor quarantee the result of any tanning. If there is a problem discovered after initial inspection or through the tanning process, you will be notified.
Bill MacFarland and Non-Typical Wildlife Artisitry assumes no liability or responsibility for loss or damage to any trophy/merchandise while in our possession, lost in transit, in tanning, by fire, theft ornatural causes.

A 6% sales tax will be added to all pricing
50% deposit is required

* Any mounts not paid for and picked up within 30 days after notification of completion are considered property of Bill MacFarland and Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry, LLC., unless other arrangements are made.